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Looks Like Fall. Feels Like Summer.

This Northern California weather sure has been difficult to keep up with. The crisp chill of the morning quickly melts as the rising sun takes its place on the throne for the majority of the day. As we slowly peel off the layers of clothing and adjust to the elements, the leaves on the trees begin to shed as well. Vibrant colors fill the branches as they adjust to the change in temperature as well. As I look around me it sure looks like Fall, but it feels like Summer. Well, it feels more like a Southern California Summer...but still!

I wanted to tuck my shorts and tank tops away for the cool seasons by now, yet they are still necessary at times as this weather figures out what it wants to do. Maybe the reason it is driving me crazy is because I too know how it feels to be stuck in transition longer than anticipated.

You might be there with me, or perhaps you have been at some point. You feel the winds of change coming, yet the change itself seems to be taking its sweet time. I have f…

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